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TS Wieland is a growing name in the world of adventure fiction. Born and raised in Colorado and now based in Nashville, TN, TS first made his mark in the world of fiction with his first novel series, Sem and Ally Adventures, in 2015. He followed that up with DATO, and Pursuit of Orlinia. In early 2021, he released his followup to SemAlly Guardian of Worlds. His books are filled with high flying adventures that take you to distant lands and new worlds. He loves taking readers and listeners on adventures to the far reaches of outer space to the hidden corners of the world in search of buried treasures and lost civilizations. In 2019, he began releasing his books as audio dramas beginning with Sem: Adventures Across Time as well as DATO. Summer of 2021, he will be releasing the audio drama for his adventure romance book Pursuit of Orlinia to Spotify. To this day, his books and accompanying audio dramas can only be described as fast paced, exciting, and filled with touching larger than life characters that you can’t help but cheer for.