Creativity With Purpose

WieRok is committed to passionately supporting Christian creatives in the making and distributing of Kingdom-minded content of all types.

WieRok Entertainment: A Nashville-Based, Ministry-First Organization

Founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, WieRok Entertainment first opened a Nashville-area office in August 2016, eventually moving our official full-time operations to Franklin, Tennessee in January of 2020 following the acquisition of the former home and studios of Full Circle Music.

At WieRok, we strive to remain Christ-centered—glorifying Him through the artists and projects we represent, in addition to the many organizations and people with whom we are blessed to be in service and partnership.

Support the Passion.

Support the Vision and Mission of the artist and ministry partners, while recognizing their calling in ministry and their role as the CEO and visionary of the team.

Engage the Wisdom.

Create and support a team that will bring experience and value in creating relationships, processes and opportunity in a supportive ministry and business model.

Promote the Kingdom.

Utilize the calling of the artist, ministry partners and of the team to actively promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ensure that all actions are Christ-Like in all creative, relationship and business interactions.

Meet the Team

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Greg Williams

Greg Williams is a producer as well as composer, arranger, pianist, and drummer from Evansville, Indiana. He has been described as a producer with an eclectic fusion of styles: anthemic pop melodies supported by the harmonic richness of jazz, orchestrated with classical complexity and underlaid by the pulsing beats of euro-dance. Combining pure artistry and practiced aptitude, he is the rarest kind of dreamer- one who has the prodigious technical skill to transform every insane idea into musical reality. “Greg has the technical command to execute almost any musical phrase he can imagine.” (Warren Petit – Director, CMC). As you can see, Greg is stylistically diverse but tends to excel in Pop, Gospel, EDM, Rock and Hip Hop though you will find him in almost any type of session pushing the limits. Some of the more notable projects for Greg are:Earnest Pugh, Liam Payne,Sean BE,and Hannah Schaefer. Greg now resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and daughter. Gregatron From the creations of his alter ego (Greg Williams) Gregatron’s live show performance is a high energy eclectic fusion of styles: anthemic pop melodies supported by the harmonic richness of jazz, orchestrated with classical complexity and underlaid by the pulsing beats of euro-dance that will bring an outrageous level of energy to any youthful event.

“Gregatron is a musical monster, not unlike Godzilla. He will crush your silly human expectations with fire and fury – not to mention some nimble tickling of the keys, earth shattering beats, and wicked props. Look out! Feel the earth rumble! Because he’s coming to a town near you.” (Rick Elias – Songwriter, Producer)

Karin Simmons

Karin Simmons is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and worship leader. Canadian-born into a family of musicians, she began piano lessons at the age of four, and studied classically until she was sixteen. Blending her piano studies with years of musical theater, vocal coaching and worship leading, Karin had no choice but to pursue her own career in music. The music publishing business brought Karin to Nashville in 1996 where she pitched songs for Peermusic, honed her own songwriting skills, sang demos and performed alongside some incredible talents. Karin currently writes songs and plays music at various churches, retreats and special events across the country. And in her spare time, she loves to cook, watch movies and spend time loving on her husband, Scott, and their two boys.

Lance Wieland

Lance founded WieRok Entertainment in 2014 with his wife and business partner, Tammie. He has spent the last 35 years working and owning numerous businesses. He has a background in Christian Festivals and church worship as well. These combined with his heart for great Christian music led to the formation of WieRok Entertainment. Lance is the head of WeRok as well as running artist management, A&R, music services, and is a partner in the Amplo record label. When not working hard for his artists Lance loves spending time with his family, traveling and learning all things technology.

Josh Green

Josh was born and raised around the Nashville area and has always had a passion for music. He is married to his wife, Aleah, and has a son named Konan. He is very excited to raise his family near Nashville as music has been an important aspect of his life. Josh was initially brought onto the team as an intern in 2021 who, from there, was taught the ins and outs of audio engineering by Jerricho Scroggins. After a year of being an intern, Josh was brought onto the team full time as WieRok Studios’ AV Tech and Audio Engineer. Josh’s hope is to use his engineering skills to record songs that ultimately bring glory to God.

Brooke Benedict

A walking jukebox with a heart for Jesus – and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – Brooke joined the WieRok team in June of 2021. After moving to Nashville to pursue her dreams of working in the music industry, Brooke has perfected the art of managing artists’ needs like being their professional hype woman and caffeine dealer. As an Illinois native, Brooke loves to travel, spend time with her family and friends, and try new food. Ask her about her Donnie Thornberry impression!

Rebecca Tyler

Rebecca joined the WieRok Team in March of 2021. With a background in Cinema & Media Arts and a heart for music, she loves watching artists thrive in the creative environment that is WieRok Studios. As one of our two admins in the office, she helps take care of our Book projects, Social Media, Bookkeeping, Graphic Design, and Hospitality. Outside of work, Rebecca describes herself as a hopeless romantic, a dessert snob, and a coffee shop lurker. She enjoys writing, spending time with her mother and two older sisters, and loving her furbaby cat, “George Bailey.”

TAMMIE Wieland

Tammie has spent her life loving her role as a business owner, wife and mother. She continues those roles in WieRok as co Owner, Operations and Finance Officer, and resident Mom to those who visit the studio. Whether supporting artists with the logistics of touring, advocating for producers and songwriters or feeding people for events. She feels blessed in serving others. When not busy at WieRok she spends her free time with Lance and their 5 kids, 2 grandkids, serving at church, traveling and cheering for the Denver Broncos/ TN Titans.