Artist Management

WieRok Entertainment’s Artist Management and Development teams represent a diverse group of Christ-centered artists. who are engaged in writing, producing, performing and promoting high-quality authentic, and unifying creative content to the world

Uniquely Positioned in an ever-changing landscape

Through decades of combined Music & Business development experience, WieRok is uniquely positioned to quickly respond to the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry. With the core focus of Artist Development, we walk alongside a diverse mix of artists called to deliver their message through their platform in an effort to create a sustainable career and ministry.

Meet Our Clients


2MarRo is a songwriter and music producer from Denver Colorado. With influences from Hip Hop, EDM, Pop and Worship, his style and approach to the creative process tends to be a hybrid of multiple genres, mixed in one. He first started in music as dancer and DJ in the late 90’s, eventually moving to Los Angeles, landing a job as the main staff producer at a major urban/latino label. (Universal Imprint) “It was during that time I felt the Lord tugging on my heart to write music with more significance … songs for Him and songs that would lead people to Him.” Well versed on the keys, programming, vocal tracking and mixing, his sessions are a “one stop shop” to having a solid concept or a final record when working with singers and songwriters. “Everything is about the vibe in the room … catching a wave and riding it until we have a great song.” Some of his favorite tools in the studio are Ableton Live, Pro tools, and the Neumann U87. He has been working with WieRok entertainment since 2014 and has written and produced songs for both Madaline Garcia and Tyrone Crawford. He is really excited about the new batch of material he is currently working on in both the worship and pop genres and is now available for booking in Nashville. Mario is married to his wife Jen and they have a 3 year old son, Luke. They’re both active in their local church where they serve on the worship team.


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From the rough streets of Cleveland to the U.S. military to the top of the Christian music charts, Tyrone Crawford’s story reads like a novel, full of passionate struggle, steadfast faith, and spiritual transformation. 

Today, Tyrone is a nationally known Christian Rapper and Author who drives a message of hope as he advocates for mental health awareness.  In live performance he captivates audiences with his one-of-a-kind sound, driving beats, and powerful words. When he’s performing, he’s giving 110% to God, stirring the crowd with inspirational lyrics and boundless energy. Somewhere in the midst of this joyful frenzy he’s also hoping that at least one person will leave the show changed by his music and his message.


Adventures among distant lands, lost treasures waiting to be discovered, forgotten civilizations steeped in mystery; all sum up one name in the world of adventure fiction: TS Wieland. Born and raised in Colorado, TS has paved a trail in the world of adventure writing, long since forgotten. Beginning with the release of his first novel, Sem: Adventure Across Time, in 2015 at the age of 24, he has since written a vast growing of heartwarming novels, short stories, and cinematic audio books that have taken readers to the inner realm of self discovery, the dangers of outer space, and all the way back down to Earth in search of buried treasures. To this day, his books can only be described as fast paced, action packed, exciting, heartwarming, and filled with characters that are larger than life.

Sean BE

Native to Denver, Colorado, Christian Artist Sean BE is best known for his unforgettable music, electric high-energy live performances, and undeniable passion for the calling God placed on his life. Formerly a “Next Gen” Pastor in Denver, Sean and his family stepped out in faith when they relocated To Franklin, TN in 2021. Following God’s calling, Sean has had the opportunity to create great Christ-centered music that will continue his mission to inspire the next generation as they find their way toward the future God has for them. Above all, Sean reminds listeners “God has purpose in everything, and will work all things for good, for those who love Him.” This is the inspiration for the phrase, “We did not come this far, just to come this far” which can often be found in his messages and songs.


Madaline Garcia is a Nashville-based songwriter and performer of Contemporary Christian, Praise/Worship and Country. Through the years, Madaline has co-written a number of songs with some top-notch CCM-Pop, Worship, and Country writers, including Chris Bevins, Bryan Boliver, and Michael Farren. The title track of her 2018 Christmas EP, “Christmas With You,” was picked up for rotational airplay by major market reporting stations, such as Nashville’s WSM 95.5 “NASH-Icon.” Madaline is currently serving on the worship team at The Experience Community and has multiple features on Experience Music’s tracks, including their newest release “For the Love of God” which Madaline sings the lead vocals on. Her love and passion of being a mother inspired her most recent project Adventures In Sleepland. This 6-song EP of lullabies is paired with the wonderfully illustrated bedtime story.


A multi-cultural hip-hop artist, Steven Malcolm’s songs are grounded in faith, fiercely-delivered rhymes, and a willingness to blur the lines between genres. It’s an approach that’s earned the songwriter six Dove Award nominations, more than 94 million on-demand streams, and an audience that’s just as diverse as his own influences, bridging the gap between the worlds of commercial rap, pop, Christian music, and reggae.