Creating Opportunities for Artists

WieRok is a Christian Entertainment ministry-driven organization that specializes in creating opportunities to promote the Gospel.

WieRok Founder and CEO, Lance Wieland spent 30 years along side his family growing their business in to one of the top HVAC suppliers in the nation. While doing this, he spent his spare time working as executive leadership with a large Christian festival and spent 15 years with a worship team in a large church. Wieland and his wife and WieRok’s CFO, Tammie Wieland, have served with numerous boards for Christian and secular organizations as well. Though this experience, they recognized a calling in providing opportunities to support the delivery of God’s message through Christian entertainment.

Monument, Colorado based WieRok Entertainment opened a Nashville office in October of 2016 where the Wielands worked with some seasoned industry professionals with vast knowledge, experience and wisdom. In 2020, the Wielands relocated the WieRok offices to Franklin, TN following the acquisition of the former recording studios of Full Circle Music in order to extend their ability to provide opportunities for creatives.

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