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2MarRo is a songwriter and music producer from Denver Colorado. With influences from Hip Hop, EDM, Pop and Worship, his style and approach to the creative process tends to be a hybrid of multiple genres, mixed in one. He first started in music as dancer and DJ in the late 90’s, eventually moving to Los Angeles, landing a job as the main staff producer at a major urban/latino label. (Universal Imprint) “It was during that time I felt the Lord tugging on my heart to write music with more significance … songs for Him and songs that would lead people to Him.” Well versed on the keys, programming, vocal tracking and mixing, his sessions are a “one stop shop” to having a solid concept or a final record when working with singers and songwriters. “Everything is about the vibe in the room … catching a wave and riding it until we have a great song.” Some of his favorite tools in the studio are Ableton Live, Pro tools, and the Neumann U87. He has been working with WieRok entertainment since 2014 and has written and produced songs for both Madaline Garcia and Tyrone Crawford. He is really excited about the new batch of material he is currently working on in both the worship and pop genres and is now available for booking in Nashville. Mario is married to his wife Jen and they have a 3 year old son, Luke. They’re both active in their local church where they serve on the worship team.